DARYL Murphy was praying he would get one more opportunity to seal victory for Wanderers after missing a 90th minute penalty against MK Dons.

The Irish striker got his wish as he turned in Luke Murphy’s cross in injury time to give Bolton their third straight league victory and put them into positive points for the first time this season.

Murphy got a chance to win it from the spot after MK Dons sub Baily Cargill was penalised for handball but the 36-year-old watched as Lee Nicholls saved his effort comfortably.

“I was devastated to miss it,” Murphy said. “It wasn’t the way I wanted it to go. I wanted it low and hard and I have just given enough height for the keeper to make a comfortable save.

“But you are always thinking ‘three minutes, just give me one more chance’ and I got it.

“That’s all you want, that’s all it takes. I think I’m experienced enough now to not think that’s the end of the game. You miss a penalty in the 90th minute but when there’s three minutes to play anything can happen.

“Don’t get your head down, keep positive, and then hopefully you get that chance.

“Luke Murphy did unbelievably and luckily I get across my marker to score.”

Asked what was going through his mind when the ball eventually hit the back of the net, Murphy added: “The main feeling was relief… I would have been devastated because of the effort the lads put in.

“It was up to me to step up and score and I’d back myself all the time for that. It just didn’t happen on that occasion.”