By Oliver Sweetman

A LITTLE Lever six-year-old has won a championship in just his first season of go-karting competition.

Joshua Lowe has been crowned the IndiKart Bambino Comer 2019 champion, finishing 22 points clear of his nearest rival.

Joshua, who is known around the track as JJ, led the competition for most of the year having taken the championship lead after just the second round of racing.

Three consecutive first-place finishes saw him lock up the title by round eight of the competition, which is held at Hooton Park along the banks of the River Mersey.

In total, Joshua finished the season with four wins, three second-place finishes and one third-place finish as a regular visitor to the podium.

The success is fuelled by Joshua’s family, who help him train, maintain his kart and support him.

“His dad spends hours with him on the track, coaching him and getting him as fast as he can go,” said mum Natalie. “His grandfather is also on hand to strip and rebuild engines to help maximise his performance.

“It is in part due to the family’s extraordinary commitment that Joshua has been able to achieve such high standings.”

Despite the success of this maiden season, Joshua is hoping to do even better, and go even faster, next year.

“Joshua has now moved up into the IAME class, a faster engine category and he will be entering the Bambino Kart Club category next season,” Natalie said.

“We hope he’ll get more experience and confidence racing against some of the best children in the country.”

Having moved up to the faster engine category, Joshua is reaching speeds he hadn’t previously, and seems to be settling in well.

Natalie said: “In recent sessions, Joshua has achieved speeds of just under 50 miles per hour with his new engine and is thoroughly enjoying the new-found speed.”

Through all their pride in him, Joshua’s parents have found supporting their son through the competition comes with some financial strain.

“Practice sessions unfortunately come at a cost, approximately £50 to £60 per session including travel,” Natalie said.

“Joshua had been very fortunate to secure a few sponsors for this season including Alpine Manchester, MAE Groundworks, HSS Scaffolding, Disley Electrical and Van Spijker Motorsport.

“Sponsor support has certainly helped along the way, and we are exceedingly grateful to all sponsors, without whom, Joshua would be unable to compete at the level he’s at.”

With Joshua requiring a bigger engine now that he’s moved up a class, him and his family are hoping they can get even more people to come on board ahead of the new season.

“There are of course cost implications again, so Joshua would welcome any additional sponsors over the coming months,” Natalie said.

Anyone interested in joining Joshua’s team of sponsors is welcome to email or visit his Facebook page.