SHARON Brittan has condemned the behaviour of a Bolton Wanderers supporter who faces a police investigation after aiming allegedly racist abuse at a player.

Applauding the fact that the comment was reported instantly by members of the home crowd and that the situation was tackled swiftly by the club, the chairman yesterday issued a strongly worded statement underlining Wanderers’ aim to stamp out any discriminatory behaviour.

It is understood one male season ticket holder was reported to stewards during the New Year’s Day game against Burton Albion after shouting abuse towards a Bolton player.

He was ejected instantly from the stadium and may now face charges for a public order offence.

Brittan has urged Bolton supporters to continue reporting any discrimination heard on the terraces.

“Not only was I disappointed to hear about this supporter allegedly using racist and vile language at the match, I was also upset by it – and I am sure the vast majority of Bolton Wanderers supporters share my views too,” she said.

“I know that it can be difficult in those circumstances, so it is therefore encouraging that his behaviour was reported immediately by our supporters and that we took decisive action. That bravery in confronting the situation and not accepting it inspires us all. The matter is now in the hands of the police pending an investigation.

“We will not tolerate any forms of discriminatory behaviour or hateful language whatsoever for we are a family club that is proud of our town.

“Bolton is rich in diversity and has a long and distinguished history of welcoming people from all over the world. Our club reflects that and our doors are open to everybody who share our values.

“The work undertaken by our Community Trust within the communities of Bolton is long reaching and promotes cohesion and unity. What they are continuing to achieve is remarkable and is a credit to the town.

“Our message is simple: if you come to the University of Bolton Stadium then we want you and your family to enjoy the match in a friendly environment.

“Yes, we want supporters to chant and shout words of encouragement to create a passionate atmosphere, but if you choose to say anything, or act in a way, that is racist or discriminatory then please stay away. As part of our work through the Community Trust we want to help to transform society, to educate people to understand the pain and hurt caused by such behaviour and to understand the value of a diverse community.”

Wanderers fans who witness and racist or discriminatory behaviour at the University of Bolton Stadium are asked to contact their nearest steward or Bolton Wanderers staff.

An email can also be sent to or reports can be made anonymously via the Kick it Out app.