KEITH Hill says Wanderers were left “confused” by a tactical tweak from opponents Wycombe as they fell to a 2-0 defeat at the UniBol.

The game was goalless up until a few minutes before the interval, when Toto Nisala put through his own net.

By that stage the visitors had cut off the supply line to target men Daryl Murphy and Chris O’Grady but Hill admits his team was unable to adjust on the pitch.

Wycombe went on to score a second from the penalty spot in the second half through Joe Jacobson and might have had more had they forced home their superiority.

A defeat that left Wanderers 19 points from safety has drawn huge criticism from the supporters.

“The result makes us all emotional straight after the game,” Hill said after the final whistle.

“They made one subtle change, which confused our players, which really should have been a simple ‘if we can’t go through the middle, you go around, and if you can’t go around, you go over.’ “Their small tactical change confused us. And to score the own goal in the manner we did just before half time is typical. Anxiety got into the game second half and it’s not a recipe for success, anxiety.

“The players are trying. They are doing everything they can and the preparation is good – you can ask the players – but unfortunately when you are in this type of run, this situation, it becomes difficult. You find it difficult to express yourself in a footballing manner.”

Asked if he was concerned by a seventh defeat in nine games, Hill said he could see his players were suffering for confidence on the pitch.

“The only concern I have got is not winning a football match,” he said. “We want to win them, we’re preparing to win them and you have got to stick to your plan. Desire and determination has got to be reflected in your performances and hopefully they then turn into wins.

“We played against a well-oiled Wycombe but not winning games is more of a concern for the players than it is for me. I have been a player and been in bad runs. You can play well and lose a game and feel quite good about it because you feel the result isn’t far away then sometimes you lose a game badly and I think the second half reflected that.

“It’s affecting confidence, performance levels. It isn’t affecting energy levels, the commitment or desire. Sometimes it can be misguided that support network on the pitch.

“Sometimes on the pitch you can start looking after yourself in your hour of need, or your team’s hour of need. I don’t think they were.

“Like I said to the players: ‘We can stand here, shout and beat each other up but I don’t think that’s the answer.’ “I want a good working week, I want the players to come in and enjoy coming into work, enjoy representing our great club. They are doing but it’s difficult. There has to be a certain amount of guidance and teaching.

“Unfortunately certain performances this season haven’t reflected the work we have been doing with the group of players.

“That’s difficult for the players, it’s difficult for the manager because you want to kick every ball.

“There has got to be a bounce. And when I talk about that I mean when you hit rock bottom.

“You have got to be brave. Your body posture should be full of desire, determination, pride, and you shouldn’t let your heads go down. There is always something to salvage in the last minutes of the game, even if it’s a challenge.

“Jason Lowe, for me, epitomises everything I want from a player. He said last season was far, far worse than this season in respect to the well-being of the players and the club. He sees there is going to be development, progress, over this transitional period. The game is all about results but at this moment in time it isn’t happening.”