WANDERERS have confirmed they will not be closing the upper tiers of the stadium for the foreseeable future.

More than 150 season ticket holders turned out at a consultation meeting last week, many voicing objection to the possibility that only the lower tiers of the stadium could be used in the future for league games. Many who could not attend last Wednesday also expressed their views through email.

It was revealed on the night that there is almost no financial benefit for closing or partially-closing the upper tiers and it was feared that many season ticket holders would be unwilling to move elsewhere.

Those in favour of closing the upper tiers argued that it could create a more compact, louder matchday atmosphere.

Club owners Football Ventures promised to speak with fans about the proposal, a consultation which culminated in last week’s meeting, and have now decided against the move.

Wanderers CEO Emma Beaugeard said: “I want to thank everybody who contacted the club with their thoughts and ideas and especially to all those who attended the consultation meeting.

“The emotion and loyal support to Bolton Wanderers was palpable and moving, reminding us just how privileged we are to be part of this great club’s present and future.

“For any major decisions, such as these, we will always endeavour to consult with those who will be affected.”

Wanderers have reserved the right to close the upper tiers for cup games, as they have done in the past, and a statement added: “There will be no plans for the foreseeable future to change this position.”