ANTHONY Georgiou is waiting on one final 'sign off' before linking up with the Wanderers squad from Spurs.

The winger picked up a minor injury earlier this month so has had to wait for his parent club to give the all-clear for him to travel to Bolton.

But after meeting with Keith Hill and his new team-mates at MK Dons at the weekend, Georgiou should be in place later this week.

“He has to go through the format that Tottenham want," Hill said. "He was at the game on Saturday and we spoke to him and he’s pushing to come up before he possibly should, but we don’t want to be in the situation where he breaks down.

“We are encouraged by his enthusiasm but we want to get him at the right time where he can sustain training and playing.

“At this moment in time there’s one box that needs ticking off by Tottenham."

Hill also said the signing had been 'risk free' despite the injury.

The Bolton boss confirmed that Georgiou’s arrival did not take the club up to their embargo quota.

He said: “We have got one slot left, if I am being honest. But it was a no-risk signing from our financial perspective and from Tottenham’s perspective.

“We had done our business and this one just fell in perfectly for us. There shouldn’t be any criticism of ‘you’ve signed a player injured’. We knew what we were getting into. There’s no consequence and it could be a pleasant surprise.

“We know the player and he wants to be here. That is 100 per cent guaranteed.”