THE chairman of Southend United – who sit a place above Wanderers in the League One table – has called for the season to be voided completely.

Ron Martin, whose club has taken fewer points than Bolton in their 35 games so far, believes extending the season could have serious consequences for the following campaign.

Likewise, he reckons any attempt to base promotion and relegation on current league position would bring about further problems.

Restarting the season, claims Martin, would be understandable in the circumstances.

He told the Southend Echo: “If the season was extended for a couple of months it has a knock-on effect for next season and then when does it stop?

“That’s the reason why it makes good sense to draw a line under it now and say it’s the end before starting the new season afresh in August.

“I think there are too many games to go to draw a line under the season and say the table stays as it is now because there would be many dissatisfied and hugely upset clubs.

“Equally, the clubs near the bottom who feels they can survive should be given the opportunity to continue. Things can still change dramatically.

“If it’s null and void then people could look at it and see it’s an unprecedented position so unprecedented steps were taken and the season was cancelled.

“I think people could understand that rationale.”

The EFL will hold a board meeting on Wednesday to discuss their options following UEFA’s decision to push the European Championships on to next summer.

The governing body has indicated that every effort will be made to complete domestic competitions by the end of June.

But with no guarantees on when restrictions on social gatherings will be relaxed, or when the coronavirus outbreak will fade, the pressure in on the EFL to come up with a workable solution.

“It’s an impossible choice and you will not find a solution to suit everyone,” said Martin.

“I know it would suit us for it to be null and void but it would be upsetting for the teams who could be promoted.”