JOHN Coleman feels one solution to ending the season would be to hand all teams a goalless draw, if the remaining games are unable to be played.

The Accrington Stanley boss says the only alternative would be to scrap the season.

Under the current suspension caused by the coronavirus pandemic, fixtures are scheduled to resume on April 3, but that looks increasingly likely to be put back.

Coleman says the season can not be put on hold indefinitely and some tough decisions must be made.

“At the moment we want to try to win enough games to keep us safe in our own right, that’s what we have to be prepared for if and when it does kick off again,” said Coleman.

But he is conscious that the season may not reach a competitive conclusion if the suspension stretches well into the summer months.

In the event of that scenario, he said: “If I was in charge I’d give everyone a 0-0 draw.

"Most teams would be where they are now. It would be unfair on teams who have got games in hand, but I don’t see any other option, apart from to scrap the season.

“Whatever decision they come to someone is going to be unhappy about it.”

In the short-term, Accrington Stanley have had the week off, with players advised to do whatever training they can alone and not meet up with team-mates.

“It’s frustrating because you want to get training again with the lads, but you’ve got to look at the health implications first. We decided the best thing to do was to stay away,” Coleman explained.

“We were going to come back in on Thursday but we made a decision on Tuesday to stay off for the whole week and I will assess it again on Monday with the latest advice.

“I think a lot of clubs will be shutting down.

“We won’t be far short of having a countrywide lockdown. We’ve got to try to stop it spreading.”

He added: “I’ve spoken to a few of the players and told them to try to keep themselves ticking over as best they can.

“A lot of them don’t live in the area so they will have gone home to their families.

“It’s difficult. Unless they get clear guidance from the Government of what they can and can’t do they are young lads they will probably feel as though they aren’t vulnerable.

“Even if you’re not you can just stem the spread by limiting contact.

“But they’re not doing enough testing from what I can see.

“You go on a postcode check and there are three confirmed cases in Sefton and one in Knowsley.

"That doesn’t seem a lot and you wonder if there are more.

“Hopefully it settles down quickly and we can get back to normal.”