WANDERERS players will have a hard time ensuring they remain ready for the potential resumption of the football calendar, says former club skipper Kevin Davies.

The EFL has currently suspended all competitive football until April 30 but the league is expected to confirm by early next week that the date will be extended into May.

It was warned last night that "difficult decisions" lie ahead for clubs after a meeting between the Premier League, EFL and Professional Footballers' Association.

Further meetings have been scheduled "with a view to formulating a joint plan to deal with the difficult circumstances facing the leagues, their clubs, players, staff and fans".

Bolton’s last game was at Burton 18 days ago and with the suspension now looking likely to stretch more than eight weeks, there are significant physical challenges for players attempting to keep up fitness levels at home in isolation without knowing when they will be given the go-ahead to return.

“It comes down to the individual, of course, but I am sure the players will be looking after themselves as best as they possibly can,” said former England international Davies.

“I’d certainly have liked to think I could keep myself ticking over, sticking to the advice that the club’s medical staff give.

“But the longer it goes on, the harder it gets. And the harder it becomes to just come straight back in and start again.

“A couple of weeks and it’s like a winter break. A couple of months and it is more like pre-season where you have to build that fitness back up again. It is really difficult for the players and the clubs at the moment.”

Davies is in no doubt, however, that the Premier League and EFL season should resume, however long it takes, although the financial pressures now being exerted on clubs mean there are no guarantees.

“I think they have to finish the season off, even if that means going behind closed doors, whenever that is suitable,” he said.

“If it affects the start date of next season or makes next season shorter, then I am sure it can be sorted if the powers that be work together.

“But to end the season altogether would mean a lot of lost revenue, maybe the TV contracts are an issue, and I am not sure a lot of clubs would be able to stand losing that sort of money.

"It's a difficult one but from a player's point of view, all you can do is try to stay as fit as you can."