RESUMING this season with the current squad and budget could break the bank for Bolton Wanderers and other clubs, rival League One owner Andy Holt has warned.

The Accrington chief believes the focus should be on restructuring costs in the game to restart next season on a firmer footing, rather than rescuing the final nine or 10 games of the current campaign.

Holt, whose side sit 17th and a relatively comfortable eight points above the drop zone, estimates that Bolton’s present running costs are around £300-400,000 a month.

Business plans right across the game have been hit badly by the COVID-19 pandemic but with Wanderers planning realistically for League Two football next term – with confident talk of a promotion tilt – Holt reckons a football hibernation would work in the favour of Bolton’s owners, Football Ventures.

“For a club like Bolton Wanderers – and I speak with Sharron (Brittan) – they’d be better throwing in the towel now,” he said on Twitter.

“What’s the point in them spending a few million keeping the show on the road a bit longer when the road runs out next season?

Responding to a fan’s question, Holt added: “Bolton look likely to go down in any event. Sharon is funding the club now in a big way “But it’s unlikely you’ll survive in League One [spending] maybe £300-400k a month, 10 months - £4m down the pan.

“Is it better to stop the loss now and use it to rebuild? Applies to all clubs in varying degrees.”

Holt believes the current season almost certain to finish behind closed doors but warned that the costs associated with bringing staff and/or players off furlough could be high, with no incoming money via gate receipts. Furthermore, he said the knock-on effect of the pandemic could halve income for next season and mean money for wages is vastly reduced.

“Sadly, players will pay a price, because they’re the biggest expense at clubs,” he said. “Will be many struggling for contracts unless this COVID-19 lifts. I feel for them. They’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t like the scapegoating of players either. We need to work together.”