WANDERERS have taken steps to rescue their old company name from the wreckage of administration.

Bolton Wanderers Football and Athletic Company was first incorporated in 1894 but is now in the midst of liquidation as part of Football Ventures’ complicated takeover last August.

Concerns were voiced among supporters that a piece of the club’s history had been lost as assets – including the so-called Golden Share of membership to the EFL - were transferred in their entirety to Football Ventures (Whites) Ltd, and the old company seemingly left to wither on the vine before being officially dissolved.

It also prompted opportunists to buy up associated names – and Companies House shows that a Warrington-based businessman called Gary White set up companies with names including Bolton Wanderers Ltd and BWFC Ltd, in the hope they would need to be purchased in the future.

Behind the scenes, however, plans were made to retain the name, which came to light yesterday when notice was filed to change the name of the company currently in administration to BWFC2019 Limited, effectively freeing up its original title.

“We had it in mind back then that the history and heritage of the club was attached to the name but there was no way that the company could be rescued,” said the club’s legal spokesperson.

“The way we had to go about things in the end was to remove the old company – we can’t keep that – but then to rename Bolton Wanderers Football and Athletic Company so that we can protect the name.

“It is a non-trading entity but it goes back a long, long way, so we wanted to make sure that it stays within the club.”

Down the line, Football Ventures have the option of changing one of their company names to Bolton Wanderers Football and Athletic club to ensure it continues as a part of the Whites’ make-up.