WANDERERS fans are being pooled for their thoughts on giving-up any potential refund from the club for this season’s missed matches.

The Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust has issued a statement to its members detailing the idea, which they hope could offer a small measure of security to the Whites during uncertain times.

Currently, paid-up season ticket holders are ‘owed’ five home games, and some refunds are also outstanding for those who bought individual match tickets for the home match against Peterborough United.

The trust is asking whether individuals would be willing to forego any refunds in order to help the club's finances.

The EFL want to complete the season, if possible, but have admitted that all matches for the foreseeable future will be behind closed doors - which could also spill into the start of next season.

Streaming games online is one potential revenue stream, albeit one which is not likely to make a significant dent in the losses the club are going to sustain.

The Trust have polled their members' thoughts - and initial signs show that many fans would be in favour of waiving the money they are owed.

A statement from the BWFCST said the trust had been happy to see the club reach an amicable agreement with players and management staff over the deferral of salaries, adding: “One thing however that was not addressed in this statement was the situation regarding missed matches and the possibility of refunds being due to season ticket holders for those games which have already been paid for.

“This issue has been discussed on various fan forums and in comments in the Bolton News and we at the Supporters’ Trust have also debated the topic at length. “As a group, we came to the conclusion that we would not seek a refund from the club even if one were offered for the suspended games and that we would like to see the money retained by the club as it continues to battle through these very turbulent times with no match day income.

“We would like to propose that those fellow season ticket holders who can afford to and feel that this is a good use of their funds do the same. “We realise not all will be able or minded to do this in the current crisis and that position is fully understood and respected but we thought this was something that we, as fans, could do to support the club we all love through this very difficult period.

“We have written to the owners to seek clarity on this issue and to get some sort of steer on what their plans are. In the meantime though we thought we would get the ball rolling with this initiative and to put the idea to the fans for consideration.”