WANDERERS are preparing themselves to be told that no more football will be played in League One and League Two this season.

Though no official comment has been made, it has been widely reported that the EFL is planning to put to a vote how promotion and relegation will be decided in the bottom two tiers.

The Premier League and the Championship are still pushing ahead with their efforts to conclude the fixture list through the summer but financial considerations among the 47 clubs outside the top two divisions have forced the EFL to take drastic action.

Wanderers announced last week that they had put themselves into a “flexible” position in regard to their playing squad and coaching staff – and have negotiated a significant deferral of wages to reduce the strain. Almost all non-football staff have been furloughed.

They have 14 professional contracts which expire at the end of June and carry over just six first team players into the 2020/21 season.

Restarting the league is looking increasingly impractical and suggestions are being made by clubs on how best to settle the promotion and relegation issues between the divisions – with several options now being circulated.

Support for voiding the season altogether has diminished considerably and EFL chairman Rick Parry has already underlined that abandoning relegation altogether is not on agenda.

That would be the only scenario which would see Wanderers still playing in League One next season – and the club has said repeatedly that it would bide by the league’s wishes.

It is thought that deciding league positions on ‘points per game’ is the most likely outcome, although it is now being suggested that the method could be tweaked in a similar way to that used in grassroots rugby union to better reflect the balance of home and away games each club has remaining.

In that scenario, Wanderers could climb above Southend United into 22nd position but would still be relegated into League Two for 2020/21.

Tranmere would also join Southend and Bolton in League Two, replaced by Swindon, Crewe, Plymouth and Cheltenham.