WANDERERS fans are keen to know what Football Ventures have in store for the club.

A survey by the Supporters’ Trust has revealed that 98 per cent of those polled want to know more about the owners’ plans at the University of Bolton Stadium.

The club – like so many others – are waiting for guidance from the EFL on what happens next with the League One season and FV have largely kept their own counsel since football was placed on lockdown in March.

But as the game starts to move towards a new normal, and forms a blueprint for the future, there is a great deal of interest in FV’s next steps as they approach a year in charge.

Sharon Brittan and Michael James released a joint statement on May 1 which reaffirmed the consortium’s commitment to the club and hotel and added that FV were “very much looking forward to restarting the journey of getting us back where we belong.”

Many are keen to hear about the much-vaunted football restructure which has been overseen by head of football operations, Tobias Phoenix, and what it will mean for current first team manager, Keith Hill, and a squad of which 14 senior players and a raft of scholars will fall out of contract in a little over six weeks.

The trust’s survey also broached some wider topics – including how supporters wanted them to engage with Football Ventures, and how they viewed the owners’ communication.

More than half of the 800 people polled by the Trust say they would like to hear from the board more often, with 40 per cent satisfied with the current frequency of communication.

Ninety per cent of the responses said they wanted to see evidence of structured dialogue between the trust board and the owners.

Nearly half of those who participated felt that the League One season should end now, with no promotion or relegation – although that scenario looks highly unlikely as the Football Association have underlined that they would not sanction such a change in the rules.

Interestingly, 62 per cent of fans who answered the questionnaire said they would be purchasing a season ticket as normal at the UniBol next season.

Nearly 75 per cent of fans say they were missing football during the coronavirus crisis and nearly two thirds believe the model of professional football will have to change as a result.

A trust statement said: “The reason behind asking for feedback and the other points was to give supporters a voice, and the new trust board a real understanding of the areas we should be looking to address.

“We spent some time looking through all the comments received and we have now categorised them into some key themes that are shaping what we do as a trust going forward.

“We have ranked the themes, positive and negative, based on the number of comments received. They are as follows: 1. Engaging with FV on behalf of supporters, 2. Building trust as a BWFCST, 3. How we communicate, 4. Season tickets, pricing and matchday experience, 5. Offering financial support, 6. Membership and BWFCST development, 7. Community initiatives.”