TRANMERE chairman Mark Palios has called for relegation to be scrapped if League One’s fixtures cannot be completed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Football Association chief executive believes deciding placings in the table based on a points-per-game basis would be unfair – and has called on the EFL to void the season if it cannot be resumed.

It now means that both of the teams alongside Wanderers in the relegation zone have now called publicly for the season to be scrapped completely, with Southend chairman Ron Martin declaring his stance several weeks ago.

Rovers sit in the bottom four, three points off safety albeit having played a game less than 20th-placed AFC Wimbledon.

League Two clubs last week voted to curtail their campaign, agreeing a PPG system and promotions but no relegation to the National League.

Clubs in the third tier seemingly remain at odds over whether to resume competitive football or not but are likely to be presented with options by the league by the end of the week.

Palios said on Tranmere's official website: "In a sporting competition, you set the rules at the start of a competition and everybody's happy, understands the rules and the consequences of success and failure - you don't change the rules of the league mid-season.

"If the decision is made that we will not play the season out then I think it's quite clear that the season should be voided, rather than deciding on what is a mid-season change of rules and a fairly arbitrary decision as regards how we deal with promotion and relegation.

"In order to find an acceptable compromise, it has to be just: a compromise that is fair.

"Our suggested solution follows on from what League Two voted in favour of last week and while that's not a binding vote, it's indicative of where their intentions were and that is promotions, without relegation."

Palios added that PPG is "flawed as a mechanism" before writing on Twitter: "If you want to change the regs in mid-season then do so but don't penalise teams as a result so no relegations. Use PPG with a margin for error."

Palios' wife and Tranmere's vice-chairman, Nicola, then wrote on the social networking site: "If PPG had been used to determine the outcome last season, at the same point in the season, 3 out of the 4 teams who would have been relegated were not in fact relegated. Those who argue it is the "fairest" way are factually wrong."