WANDERERS could get their wish and play under a salary cap next season.

Reports claim the EFL is proposing a total wage ceiling of £2.5million for League One and £1.25m for League Two in time for the start of the 2020/21 campaign.

Squad sizes may also be limited to 20 players over the age of 21, eight of which must be homegrown, in efforts the league hope can help bring finances back in line, post-coronavirus pandemic.

Wanderers have kept their own counsel for most of the lockdown but have voiced support for tighter restrictions on salaries.

Speaking last month, chief executive Emma Beageard told us: “We are aware of the conversations but not directly involved. We will support the player wage cap thinking as it will be more important than ever that clubs are sustainable going forward.”

Bolton are already bound by a form of restrictions as per the EFL embargo inherited by Football Ventures when they bought the club in August last year.

And though they are not alone in supporting reform on wages in the lower two divisions, the matter would still have to be passed by a majority vote and some clubs have voiced concern over the numbers suggested.

Discussions on the current League One campaign are set to continue today with little sign of harmony among Wanderers’ rivals.

The two clubs directly above Bolton in the bottom three, Southend and Tranmere, have called publicly for the campaign to be scrapped and for relegation to be shelved.

At the top of the table, however, there are contrasting opinions between clubs who want competitive football to continue, those who want to decide the table via points per game, and those who want to expand the play-offs.

The EFL is expected to present options to clubs over the coming days with a view to voting next week.