WANDERERS have batted away suggestions they could be heading for financial problems.

A report in The Sun on Sunday claimed that the club is at risk in falling behind with payments to the family of late owner Eddie Davies during the current lockdown in football.

Football Ventures agreed a payment plan with Fildraw Limited when they completed their takeover last August and the trust continues to hold a charge on the club’s assets.

The report stated that if payments went into default, the club could revert back to the ownership of Davies’s family.

It was also claimed that Sharon Brittan has been approached by a “Dubai-based money man” over potential investment.

Wanderers declined to comment officially when approached by The Bolton News but have privately played down the claims made within the article.

It is hoped some clarity will be provided by the EFL on League One’s future this week with clubs set to vote on a plan put forward by the league to determine the outcome of promotion and relegation if football cannot be restarted.

It is proposed that points per game will be used to decide league placings and that a four-team play-off will be maintained.

If the plan is to be accepted, it will also require the 51 per cent approval of clubs in the Championship, who under current regulation have a weighted advantage in any rule changes affecting the league.

If adopted, each individual league will then have the opportunity to vote whether to end the season or continue playing.

Both votes are expected to be cast by Wanderers at some stage this week.