CLUBS should find out today exactly when they will be able to vote on the future of League One.

The EFL will discuss the process of changing their regulations at their weekly board meeting, and should also confirm the date on which Bolton Wanderers and other member clubs will be able to vote on ending the2019/20 season. Following last week’s meeting it was revealed that the majority of League Two clubs have indicated that they wish to end the season now, and allow the play-offs to be completed, while those in the Championship wish to resume at some stage next month and see it through to a conclusion.

It was also confirmed that all promotion and relegation between the divisions will be honoured.

Clubs will be given two proposals when an official vote eventually takes place: either to finish the season now and decide tables using points-per-game, or play out all remaining fixtures.

Opinion among clubs in League One is split but Wanderers are thought to favour calling an immediate end to the campaign, which will give them an opportunity to put the club into ‘hibernation’ until the start of next season.