A GROUP of Bolton Wanderers fans have launched a fundraising effort in support of former player, Tony Kelly, after the death of his mother.

The Burnden Park favourite works for the Community Trust and has been a fans’ liaison officer at for the club for several years.

He has helped raise thousands of pounds for local causes and last year helped bring in more than £3,000 for unpaid staff at Wanderers at a point when the trust was running a foodbank to help those who needed it.

At time of writing around £500 had been donated in 24 hours to an online account set up by Bolton fan Allan Mather and publicised by the Bolton Wanderers and Proud Facebook page.

A statement read: “Tony has done so much for the club and town and now it’s time we gave him something back.”

For more information visit the site here.

Meanwhile, Wanderers have clarified the relevance of a charge against Bolton Sporting Ventures Ltd which has been highlighted on social media in the last 24 hours.

The Fildraw Trust has security on a patch of land to the South West corner of Mansell Way, which was documented at Companies House in March.

The club has explained, however, that the charge was agreed last August as part of the deal to take Wanderers out of administration and is not a new arrangement with the family of late owner, Eddie Davies.

Fildraw have two charges against club land as part of the deal with Football Ventures. The repayment term is not known but Wanderers have played down reports that they are struggling to make repayments during the pandemic lockdown.