MEMBERS of the Wanderers Supporters’ Trust are being asked their thoughts on parliamentary proposals which could give fans a greater say in the running of their club.

Former chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee Damian Collins MP has suggested that the Government could help bail out clubs during the Covid-19 crisis in exchange for shares, which would eventually be made available to the trust at a discounted rate.

Collins wants to create a Football Finance Authority to administer the loans and appoint independent directors to oversee correct governance.

More than two-thirds of members who answered the trust’s recent survey felt that football would have to change as a result of the pandemic – and a large majority also wanted them to engage with Wanderers’ owners, Football Ventures, on their behalf.

The trust is now looking for feedback on the MP’s proposals via their official website.

Collins wrote: “In return, a Football Finance Authority (FFA) would be created by the FA and backed by government funding. The FFA could provide finance to clubs to help them meet short-term operational liabilities but could not be used for transfers or infrastructure spending. The FFA would include representatives from clubs, players, and fans.

“The funds would be exchanged for minority shareholdings of between 10 per cent to 49 per cent and independent directors would be appointed to club boards. Supporters’ trusts may be the nominating body and the director would be subject to approval by the FFA.

“These independent directors would then have a responsibility to report back to the FFA and they would have the power to place clubs who continue to break financial rules into administration.

“A local supporters’ trust can then be invited to purchase the shareholding at a reduced rate, repaying public investment and moving the club towards a shared fan ownership model.

“The core proposals are in keeping with FSA beliefs – supporters should be at the heart of governance change, fan ownership is a realistic aspiration at many clubs, and that the FA has a role to play in protecting our historic clubs.”