Wanderers are on the lookout for a new manager after Keith Hill's departure. 

And you've been having your say on the news that the Boltonian and his assistant David Flitcroft will not have their contracts renewed beyond the end of this month. 

From why it didn't work, to who should be next, we've put together some of your views below. 



Stuart Waring: More manager turn over, how does this benefit the club

Kielann Preston: New team, new manager for next season bring it on

Darren France: Would have been ideal to get bolton back up from league Two on a budget. Ah well big club mentality and all that.

Tim Peter Jensen: Really think its unfair the way alot of fans are judging him after the limitations put on him. On the other hand, if a manager has a lot of fans against him, just makes his job harder. Already feeling sorry for the next manager the fans wont give a proper chance, if he is not back in the premier league within 2 seasons 😉

Martin Johnson: He had an impossible job, negative points, no money and a team from primary school. Who better can the club afford to hire? Especially after having zero matchday income for 4 months. I suspect they will recruit from within, failing that it will be a failed/inexperienced replacement (frying pan —> fire)
If he had sent someone else to do his PR he would still have a job, those interviews were all nails in his coffin with the fans


AWB: The right decision I think. I don't understand the fans calling for Phoenix to follow them. This is all being done under his new plan. Seems clear to me the owners have backed his plan, so would expect a head coach to be brought in to compliment him as Director of Football. Bring in Hierro! (lol) Looks tailor made for David Lee to me.

Only the blind cannot see: They had a hopeless task to begin with and whoever replaces them will have an even more hopeless task. I await all the 'Jurgen Klopp can now come and take over' posts.

m.82ryan: Thanks for your efforts Kieth and David, didn't work out but no hard feelings. Two Bolton lads with a huge task when taking over obviously proud to have held the positions though. Good luck in the future and all the best.