FIRST of all a huge thank you to Football Ventures for how they saved our club. We will forever be grateful.

I have been a Bolton supporter, attending games home and away, since 1970, and we have always been a family club. I also run a fans’ page on Facebook and a website with over 2,000 members.

I read and see fans’ points of views every day and the current news is obviously the next manager.

So the bookies front runners are - Nigel Clough a midlands lad who is speaking to Birmingham (no brainer).

David Lee an absolute legend amongst us fans. Our best performance last year was against Coventry with whose team? Yes, David Lee’s.

Let’s not forget Tony Kelly was a huge part of the kids as well and currently works for the Community Trust, which is the club’s charity partner.

David Lee’s biggest influence and mentor, the fantastic Bruce Rioch, would walk back to BWFC to be part of our club.

Bruce as head of football and David as manager is a no brainer and would bring back a proper atmosphere and a buzz to the club, and to my group of more than 2,000 members.

Stephen Reid – No experience and never worked with a limited budget. Won’t get us or the fans, he will soon get turned on same as the other failures.

Ryan Lowe – Did wonders at Bury and Plymouth. Would he leave Argyle? I doubt it, just my opinion.

Ian Evatt – Non-league. No experience whatsoever for a club of our stature. Whole new ball game.

Gary Bowyer had money at Bradford, won’t get any at Bolton. A definite no-no.

And the list goes on.

So, for once, listen to us, the fans. Bruce Rioch as director of football and David Lee manager. Bring back the good times please.

All just my opinion and a big choice of the forum.

Allan Mather

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