WANDERERS fans could be back at the University of Bolton Stadium in September.

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden has hinted that limited crowds could be allowed back in to watch the start of the 2020/21 season, which could start in as little as seven weeks.

The Premier League and Championship season will be completed in empty stadia but talks have now taken place between league bosses, sports minister Nigel Huddleston and deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van Tam over the potential phased reopening of grounds.

The plan is at a very early stage – but Wanderers are known to be in a good position to accommodate the strategies which are currently being recommended.

Dowden said in last night’s Downing Street briefing: "I would really hope that by the return of the new season we might be in a position whereby some fans could start to return to stadiums.

"And I know that would be another important part of restoring the financial position of clubs."

Wanderers have a 28,000 capacity stadium which can be accessed on all sides, with ample adjoining land to enable safe entry and exit for supporters.

There are challenges with other grounds at League Two level – but Dowden reasoned that outdoor arenas could potentially be managed and reopened incrementally throughout the season as government guidelines are relaxed.

"I think you see different scenarios - in relation to stadiums where people are outside and they are much bigger and there is more scope for social distancing, it may be that you could do that sooner," he said.

"I know particularly with the performing arts and theatres, when you are doing that in a confined space, there are greater risks there."