REMI Matthews reckons Wanderers are destined for success this season - but doesn’t know if he’ll be there to enjoy it.

The goalkeeper is hoping to discuss a new deal with Bolton in the coming days and extend his two-year stay in the North West.

But if an offer does not materialise, Matthews believes the appointment of Ian Evatt offers the exactly kind of fresh start the club needed.

“You can’t beat a new beginning,” he told The Bolton News. “I’ve heard what the new manager has said and you can understand why the fans are excited about it. Bolton are a massive club and after everything it has been through, there are people there who deserve some success.

“We started again last summer when Keith Hill came in but, really, it was impossible. When we’d started on the minus 12 points and with no pre-season, you just can’t do it.

“This time the new manager has got some time to get things how he wants them . There’s no excuses but I honestly think it will be fine.”

Matthews reckons Wanderers will be a big draw for new signings at League Two level - and though he is unsure if he will get a chance to play for the club again, he is confident there will be no shortage of quality options.

“If Bolton contacted me then they would always be an option,” he said. “I sometimes don’t think people realise just how well-known the club is elsewhere. Everybody remembers the Premier League days - the Jussi Jaaskelainens, the Nicolas Anelkas.

“It is a big club and it has been a privilege to play here, no matter what has happened.”

The out-of-contract 26-year-old has had a few offers since lockdown but is happy to wait before making up his mind of the next step.

“At the moment I’m just waiting,” Matthews said. “I don’t feel there is a huge rush because we don’t know when the season will start yet. Yes, it would be nice to nail something down early but there’s certainly been no need for me to jump into the first thing that comes my way.

“I’d like to think that in my position there will be other offers and that I will be able to weight up my options.

“I’d be happy to stay at Bolton if an offer came along – but equally if it’s my time to move on then you won’t hear me say a bad word about the place, I’d wish the club nothing but well in the future.

“I’ll always look for their results because even with everything we’ve been through I’ve enjoyed playing for Bolton. It’s a massive club – and that’s why I signed there, it’s why I stayed there.”