I AM the founder of BWFC Remembrance Group and, as I am sure you are aware, we are now associated with the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust.

We are always looking for ways of raising money for our respective groups and we have had an idea which I think may benefit the BWCT in a big way.

We have lost many great players and supporters over the years, whom hopefully we will never forget.

After watching the lockdown matches, with the cardboard cut outs and banners they display, I personally think it looks brilliant.

We are never going to fill our ground next year unless we have a good cup run and draw one of the big boys, or are in the hunt for promotion, play-offs, etc.

How about a section of the ground where people can donate to BWCT OR BWFCRG, BWCT being one of the chosen charities this year so it all goes in the same pot so to speak?

The donation would cover a loved one’s picture being placed at a seat for one game and the players could place a wreath and then some huge banners could be placed whether it be for one of the 33, Sir Nat, remembrance flags which we can provide of past Wanderers, old badges, Burnden Park, an honours list, ex-players etc.

These could be used for every game where sections are not sold and in our opinion would be much better than empty seats.

This is just an idea, which I think will go down fantastically with the fans, help create some atmosphere, and more to the point, look much better on match days.

Neil Jones

BWFC Remembrance Group