WANDERERS’ lottery subscribers are being asked to hold tight – with Goldline and Lifeline expected to return in the next few weeks.

The Bolton Wanderers Development Association, who oversee the running of the popular club lotteries, say they will soon be contacting people who continued to pay with standing orders throughout the lockdown.

Discussions will also be held with lottery agents and their customers – with those who wish to switch to contact-free membership asked to contact the BWDA via email.

Agents have been unable to safely collect money since March, which led to the lotteries being placed on hold.

A statement from the BWDA read: “The lotteries team would like to thank all our members for the support and patience they have shown us during the lockdown.

“Some of you will have read the information released in respect of the club’s supporters who had purchased season tickets and match day tickets last season.

“In respect of the club’s lotteries, we want to reassure our members that we have been working on several options for you.

“Your support is going to be more important than ever.

“With that in mind we will be contacting everyone over the next few weeks.

“Standing order members - upon our return to work the lotteries team will be contacting all members who have continued with their standing order payments throughout the lockdown with a number of options for them to consider, one of which is a refund of the subscriptions not entered into the draws due to the temporary suspension. More details will follow.

“Lottery agents – the lotteries team will be contacting our agents as soon as we are able to discuss how we are looking to collect, going forward. Please bear with us.

“Agents members – we will initially speak to your agent regarding future collections, but should you prefer to continue your membership with no contact we can offer our standing order method please get in touch at lotteries@bwfc.co.uk

“We look forward to getting back to the office very soon and getting in touch with you all. We have missed making winners of you and seeing your photos with your cheques.”