WANDERERS won’t be rushing into a contract offer for French defender Yoan Zouma.

The 22-year-old is back training with Bolton at Lostock, just three months after being officially released by the club.

Talks of a new deal had broken down earlier in the year, with Evatt claiming on Saturday that the youngster had been “badly advised” on contract matters.

After failing to get a new club, Zouma has now returned to Bolton looking to earn a contract for next season.

Evatt says a deal is possible but that the player must first prove his fitness and that he can play in the system.

“At things stand, nothing is happening,” he said. “It isn’t a decision that can be made quickly.

“To be fair to the lad, he needs time to adapt and get up to speed.

“We need to judge when he is capable of getting there, and what quality he has once he gets there.

“It’s a tough decision but it’s one we won’t be rushing into.”