As we had won last week for the first time, I was determined not to change my routine.

So, proudly wearing my Wanderers home shirt and the mandatory BWFC face mask, I checked in the No-Name with my downloaded NHS Covid-19 App, and sat at a table between the ubiquitous social distancing markers, to devour my packet of crisps and down a couple of Doombar.

Then it was back home for the iFollow to watch my heroes alone.

Under the current lockdown restrictions, this is the best I can manage to generate some pre-match atmosphere and we sadly face the prospect of losing that when further restrictions seemingly come in to place today.

Hopes were high that we could build on last week’s result and get our second win of the season against the Ian Holloway’s Mariners, a team we normally do not have many problems with.

Manager Ian Evatt made one enforced change with Jak Hickman coming in for the injured Tom White.

As a spectacle, this was a dreadful match with neither team looking like scoring if they had continued to play all night.

Neither goalkeeper had a save to make and they should have been charged for an iFollow pass.

Even the Bolton FM radio commentators ran out of things to say and decided to liven things up with Feargal Sharkey’s ‘A Good Heart’.

This was a big disappointment with any positives hard to find. But there were some, a first defensive lockdown in the league this season, we’ve clawed our way up to 18th and there are signs that some players are beginning to settle, like my man of the match Ricardo Santos.

We were reasonably solid in defence and midfield but woefully lacking in the last third in terms of any creativity.

As Fergal Sharkey belted out ‘High is the risk of striking out, the risk of getting hurt, and I still have so much to learn’, it seemed very appropriate to our current position.

We are a work in progress and the manager and players have a lot to learn in a relatively short time. Of course, there are going to ups and downs as Evatt and his management team try to find success and consistency, but it will come.

We are going to have to be patient and take the rough with the smooth.