BOLTON Wanderers have expressed their broad support for Project Big Picture.

The club this morning released a statement to outline their stance on the plan, which hit the public domain this weekend.

Club chairman Sharon Brittan says she wants to see more detail on how changes will affect the English game but believes the proposal to better distribute funds from the Premier League throughout the pyramid is a step forward.

If given the go ahead, Project Big Picture will see £250 million pumped into the EFL as a bail-out during the pandemic, along with an agreement to share 25 per cent of future earnings with the league.

Parachute payments will be scrapped to clubs relegated to the Championship, while another £100m ‘gift’ will be given to the Football Association to ease their funding issues.

More controversial elements of the plan, however, include a change in the voting system in the top flight, which grants more power to the ‘Big Six’ and the reduction of the Premier League from 20 clubs to 18.

A club statement read: “We have seen the press reports regarding the outline proposals of ‘Project Big Picture’.

“Whilst we await details which will allow us to consider the proposed changes further, we are fully in favour of steps which can be taken to address the inequitable distribution of finances between the Premier League and EFL.

“The summary details of Project Big Picture appear to go some way to help drive sustainability for the EFL’s member clubs and this can only be a good thing for clubs’ long term growth and the communities in which they are based.

“Bolton Wanderers’ recent history shows how important a football club is to the local community and that the model of football clubs relying solely on owner funding is broken.

“This town came very close to losing its club and the board believes that radical change has long been required to create a football pyramid which allows clubs at the lower levels to be sustainable yet be competitive on the field.

“We hope that conversations around Project Big Picture are the first step on this path.”