IAN Evatt explained his frustration at Wanderers playing themselves into trouble against Newcastle United’s kids last night.

Though his side snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, ensuring they did not finish bottom of the group, there was still plenty for the Whites boss to ponder after the final whistle.

Defensive frailty has been a feature of this season at Bolton, albeit there have been some major improvements made in the last few weeks.

But after putting out his ‘shadow squad’ against the young Magpies, Evatt was disappointed with the ease at which the visitors raced into a two-goal lead.

“This is when I get frustrated,” he said, summing up the opening half. “Straight passes, especially in your own third of the pitch, are just a green light to be pressed and I’m not going to blame Brandon (Comley) at all because at least he’s brave enough to try and receive it in that tight area, but we should know better than to give him it in a straight pass on the edge of our box because it is just a green light for the opposition to come and press you because he can’t see what’s behind him.

"If he’s at an angle and it’s an angled pass, then you can at least check your shoulders and look at the opposition, but a straight pass is just a green light. It’s a no-no and then it goes in far too easy at the near post.

“The second one’s just lack of communication. Bad information to Reiss, told him there was time, there wasn’t time, the guy was there and it’s 2-0.

“But the positive thing is the lads have rolled their sleeves up, not felt sorry for themselves and come back to win the game.”

Evatt made 11 changes to the team that beat Salford City in League Two the previous Friday and conceded that the unfamiliarity was an issue early on.

“It’s not easy for that team because Newcastle, the under-23s, they’re obviously used to playing with each other week in, week out, so they build relationships,” he said.

This team has never played before, so it’s hard for them to be thrown together and just say get on with it. If you’re adding one or two to a consistent 11, then it’s different to adding the whole 11, so that was pleasing. “ Wanderers head to Stevenage on Saturday looking to string together three competitive victories on the spin for the first time in 12 months.

Evatt was pleased that the momentum could be continued.

“There were some positive performances,” he said. “I think Reiss Greenidge was very good, Ronan Darcy came into it later on, George Thomason who I’ve loved from minute one who’s been out on loan and we’ve recalled him, he’s a fantastic footballer and he showed what he could do when he came on.

“Mitch (Henry) has had his debut and he’s enjoyed himself so there are lots of positives.

“Scoring three goals again at home is great and the win, first and foremost. But there’s lots to work on and lots ot build on and we’re not getting carried away. That’s two wins on the trot, let’s try and get three points on Saturday.”