Jack Cullen’s new trainer is excited by the potential of Little Lever’s Meat Cleaver.

Michael Jennings ran the former English middleweight champion’s corner for the first time in his impressive win over John Docherty live on Sky Sports on Saturday night.

But having had limited time to work with the 27-year-old, Chorley’s former British champion and world title challenger insists fight fans haven’t seen the best of the rising star just yet, even after a seemingly breakthrough performance in the British super-middleweight title eliminator.

Cullen, who has now won 19 of his 22 fights, has linked up with Jennings and his brother Dave having previously been with Tommy Battel at Metro ABC.

“There’s only so far you’ll go doing what he was doing,” the new cornerman said of Cullen’s fan-friendly style. “We just tidied up his defence for this one but we’ve not even scratched the surface with him.

“Jack could be a really good fighter, he’s got a lot of potential.

“He’s going to have a week off from the gym and then we’re just going to start working on the basics and making sure everything is perfect.”

Known for being in thrilling fights, Jennings is keen to add a little more craft to his man’s work as he looks to complete the Cullen arsenal.

“Jack is a good fighter, but the problem with it is his defence was weak,” said Jennings, who also trains Preston’s former British champion Scott Fitzgerald among others.

“If we can tidy up his defence and make him a bit tighter then he can be a box-fighter.

“If he needs to fight then he will, he needs to box then he’ll be able to do that as well.

“We just want to make sure his defence is spot on.

“Listen, they’re only young lads and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if it was my fault they were getting their heads smashed in because we hadn’t done our job properly.

“We’ve got to look after them and make sure their defence is tight.”

Cullen spent some time at the Jennings gym in Coppull, with Battel, before his fight with Zak Chelli which ended in a draw back in August.

He then made the switch permanently meaning it remains a very new partnership.

“He did a bit of the Zak Chelli camp with us and then for this one it was looking at his defence and everything against a southpaw,” said Jennings, who is confident his new charge would be victorious second time around against the Fulham fighter.

“Docherty is the first southpaw he’s boxed and before that he was supposed to be terrible against them.

“He picked it up pretty quickly though and Jack could be really good.”