IAN Evatt has revealed how Leeds United have helped inspire his work at Wanderers.

The Bolton boss has used Marcelo Bielsa’s infamous ‘Murderball’ training drills to help graft a new playing style on his squad and has studied Leeds’ expansive style closely.

There were glimpses of real improvement in possession during Saturday’s 2-1 win at Stevenage but Evatt was more pleased with what he saw off the ball – where he believes his players’ attitude and fitness levels are starting to show.

“The second goal came from their corner and the pace and intensity of the counterattack was magnificent,” he said.

“I think about and I watch Leeds a lot because I love what Bielsa does and the fitness levels and desire that his team shows.

“It’s not just fitness to be able to run there. You have to want to run, you have to be a willing runner and if you look right at the end when Doyler (Eoin Doyle) has a chance with his left foot, if you saw Sarce (Antoni Sarcevic) who ran past most of their players and had the desire to get a goal and get in the box, it’s magnificent to see, and that’s a glimpse of the future of what I want for us.”

By his own admission, however, Evatt says his side have plenty of scope for improvement.

Alex Baptiste, Ricardo Santos and Ryan Delaney have been among his most consistent players in recent weeks but he admitted one momentary aberration at Stevenage made the afternoon more nervous than it needed to be.

“I was pleased with everything, but for one minute,” he said. “And it’s their own faults that they’ve had to work that hard because of that one minute of lax defending.

“That will just show them that we cannot switch off for one minute against any team and any opposition because it gives them a leg up.

“They didn’t deserve that goal, they way we were playing but the way they’ve dusted themselves down at half-time and then come out in the second half was great to see.”