IAN Evatt has revealed why Crawley’s players emerged from a different part of the ground before Saturday’s 1-0 defeat at the UniBol.

Wanderers’ stadium is one of only a few in the EFL which has separate home and away tunnels, which has in the past allowed teams to utilise the changing rooms without any issues to Covid-19 protocols.

But new rules laid down by the league last week meant changes to the pre-match plan – with visiting players now changing at the Bolton Whites Hotel and emerging from the gate below the big screen in the corner of the pitch.

Evatt has suggested on a number of occasions that the luxurious surroundings at the UniBol provide an advantage for opposition teams, without the pressure of supporters.

But asked if there was an element of mind games in moving Crawley before the game, he said: “No, is the answer because we are tier four now and we have to protect our assets and protect the players and make sure that we’re limiting the environment for Covid as much as we possibly can.

“Is that better for us that they’re in a different environment away from us? Possibly, because it’s just a mental message when you’re not in a changing room like we haven’t been in any away game really, it is difficult and it’s just unfortunate today that that didn’t help us get a result, but it’s nothing to do with mind games or anything.

“It’s more to do with protocol and the Covid stuff.”

Evatt also felt the second yellow card issued to Reiss Greenidge in stoppage time was cruel on the defender.

Greenidge was making only his third league start of the season but was ordered off by referee Samuel Barrott for a late challenge on Crawley’s Tom Nicholls as he tried to clear the ball.

“I thought it was harsh,” Evatt said. “I think we’ve been on the wrong end of refereeing decisions for a few weeks now.

“Did it affect the outcome of the game? No, it’s just disappointing for Reiss, because I actually thought he did okay. I actually thought he came in and took his chance well.

“He’s aggressive, he’s big, he looks cumbersome at times because of his physicality and how big he is and that probably goes against him with referees because he’s 6ft 7, can run and you look awkward at times.

“Referees tend to mark your card early and I think that the second yellow was extremely harsh.”