BOLTON Wanderers boss Ian Evatt has issued a warning to anyone leaking club information: Don't damage our club!

The message came after the team line-up - including two new signings that had not been unveiled - was posted on social media on the eve of Wanderers' home game with Cheltenham Town.

Last Friday, a message circulated among some Bolton fans via a well-known Twitter account detailing the XI, including January recruits Zack Elbouzedi and Ben Jackson, whose arrivals were not scheduled to be announced until Saturday lunchtime.

Evatt said such a move played into the hands of the opposition, and appealed to anyone privvy to inside information to keep it out of the public domain for the good of the club.

"I understand that people always want to understand and know something that other people don't, and they want credit for doing that, but from my perspective these are all Bolton Wanderers fans. All we're doing is harming our own chances," said Evatt, who explained that part of their homework on the opposition was scouring social media.

"I do it, my analyst does it, the opposition do it - we look for games at 1 per cent on social media and to learn things that they don't already know. So by leaking our team and leaking new signings to a team before we've actually announced it, all we're doing is harming ourselves and damaging ourselves and damaging our chances of succeeding and winning."

The inclusion of Elbouzedi and Jackson in the leaked line-up as a particular frustration for Evatt.

And he appealed to whoever was responsible for making it public, saying: "I would prefer it, if you do learn the knowledge... we try to keep things in house as much as we can but if you do learn something new - great, brilliant, but please don't publicise it on social platforms where other clubs can see and give them a slight advantage as to knowing our team."

Meanwhile, there is no transfer activity to report ahead of tomorrow's trip to Tranmere Rovers, with Evatt continuing to scour the market to strengthen his squad.

"There's no new news really, it's just ongoing," he said. We're obviously monitoring the situation closely looking at potential ins and outs but at the moment there's nothing to report."