OLE Gunnar Solksjaer's transformation at Manchester United is a shining example of why football managers should be afforded more time, says Ian Evatt.

There were clamours for change at Old Trafford last season, and even earlier this term when they were knocked out of the Champions League.

But since their European exit a nine-game unbeaten run in the Premier League, including six wins, has fired them to the top of the table, with a two-point advantage over Manchester City.

In contrast, Chelsea yesterday parted company with club legend Frank Lampard after just 18 months in charge.

Evatt said they only needed to look at United's turnaround to see what can be achieved by keeping faith with the boss.

And although Bolton are not where they want to be, having started the season with hopes of an immediate return to League One, the Wanderers manager feels fortunate to have the backing of the board.

"Every scenario is different. The people don't really see what's happening behind the scenes and don't understand the nature of the rebuild that's going on and the process we're going under," he said.

"In terms of Frank he's a fantastic young coach and it's never nice to see coaches lose their jobs. But I guess when you look at the history of Chelsea and how many managers they've had under Roman Abramovich it's the nature of the beast and I guess it comes down to who you're working for really.

"I understand that I've got full support and backing from the board, they understand the process that we go by. They're always honest and act with integrity.

"With Chelsea, if you lose two or three games when you've spent £200million you're immediately under pressure. Now I don't think that's right but it's just the nature of the beast and it's high risk high reward I guess. You know what you're putting yourself into when you take those kinds of jobs. And that's where I must say that I think for all the stick that they got Manchester United have really backed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and are now reaping the benefits of that.

"If you look at last season, probably the season before, most people wanted Solskjaer sacked but all of a sudden they are top of the Premier League six points clear, they've just beaten Liverpool in the FA Cup and they're reaping the benefits of standing by him and the work that has gone on behind the scenes.

"So for me managers should be given time. They should. Some deserve it.

"But it's the nature of the beast and that's why we're in the game. It is high risk, high reward, and you have to back yourself and you have to have belief and you have to stand with that belief and strength when everything around you is panicking.

"That comes down to strength of character and the belief in yourself and obviously the belief that you have and the relationship you have with the board and I'm very fortunate that I've got a really supportive board that understands the process that we're going down."

Wanderers head to form team Mansfield Town tonight hoping to end a run of six games without a win, although Evatt doesn't feel results have always reflected performances.

"I don't think we've been getting what we deserve from performances, I felt we were let down on Saturday and I think what's happened (with no disciplinary action) has really justified my opinion on that," he said.

"In terms of results we're not happy but we're not dissatisfied with how we're playing, we know we're going to improve, we know we can be better but we just need to do the bit in both boxes better, and that's football. If you don't keep the ball out of your net and you don't put it in the net at the other end you lose games, that's what's been happening."

He added: "It's certainly a challenge because Mansfield have just won their last five games, so we know what to expect.

"With every game we do a lot of research, a lot of analysis work so we know what's coming, we just need to make sure we start games better and more solidly, give ourselves an opportunity to win the game.

"If we can be in the game or ahead when it gets to 60 minutes we almost always finish strongly. We create chances, the opposition get tired because we've moved them around with possession, and then we can take advantage of their fatigue, but we have to be level or in front to take full advantage of that.

"I'm very happy and grateful that the board are supporting me and I know that I will repay that faith one day with what we produce on the football pitch."