WANDERERS will review footage of MJ Williams sending off against Stevenage before deciding whether to launch a second successive appeal to the FA.

After successfully getting Marcus Maddison’s suspension overturned last week, Bolton are considering putting another case to the disciplinary board after midfielder Williams was ordered off for a challenge on Tom Pett on 77 minutes.

Photos of the incident released after the game show they may well have a case but Ian Evatt is determined to examine the evidence carefully.

Asked if he would appeal, the Bolton boss said: “I don’t know. In real time, I would have said yes, but until I see it again I don’t know.

“MJ’s not that kind of player and he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt anybody and I spoke to Pett on the sidelines and he said ‘look, in no shape or form has he gone to hurt me, it’s just a tackle he was slightly late on’.

“Sometimes the referee needs to give themselves a bit of time with these decisions because we can’t get them wrong. They have big impact on games as we saw on Tuesday. We will have a look at it and see where we go from there.”

Evatt maintains there is no discipline issues within his squad despite seeing five players sent off in eight games since the Boxing Day draw at Carlisle United.

Arguing that Williams’ challenge was simply a 50-50 ball, he added: “MJ is not that kind of players and I don’t think any of our players are. We don’t teach or coach anyone to go out there and do that sort of thing.

“It is crazy, really, when we think we’ve had three red cards in the last five or six games.

“My team are probably the most naive and honest team in the league.

“We will have a look at it and see about appealing it or not.”

Wanderers leapt several places in the table as a result of the 1-0 win against Stevenage and the fact many other teams in League Two had their game postponed because of the weather.

“I’m not looking at the table for now. It’s about us winning games and we’ve got 19 now really big ones left and if we can win 12 or 13 of those, we give ourselves an opportunity, but for now we need to go to Mansfield and get the result on Wednesday,” Evatt said.