WANDERERS fans will have eyes fixed on the result against Exeter City on Saturday – no matter where they are in the world.

While the pub gardens of Bolton will no doubt be buzzing with expectant supporters this weekend, hoping to cheer Ian Evatt’s men on to victory, there will also be plenty of passionate folk further afield wishing the Whites well.

From Buenos Aires to Bangkok, Brisbane to Belfast, the international fans will be wearing their Wanderers shirts with pride hoping for an immediate return to League One.

Every week, thousands of fans tune in to The Bolton News’ Matchday Live blog – many of whom are ex-pats keen to see how the Super Whites are getting on.

“We moved out to Wyoming for work about six years ago,” says avid Bolton fan Michael Addison, “and the only way we can really keep tabs on what is going on is through the newspaper website, social media and what the club put out.

“I can understand why the club has to fall in line with the social media blackout this weekend but it is definitely a shame we cannot all celebrate together.

“Just as long as we see a video of Ian Evatt being doused in Champagne at one minute past midnight when the blackout ends, that’s all we ask for!”

Some of Bolton’s international followers have developed a cult following among their peers.

Jimmy ‘The Belgian Wanderer’ de Roy has been a regular at the UniBol for several years.

“Since 2015 I have been over once a month at least, sometimes more,” he told us. “I have seen them home and away. That was until Covid arrived and now I am gutted I won’t be there for the promotion party.

“I can’t wait for the travel restrictions to be lifted as I miss all of the amazing people I met so far.”

Even further afield, there will be a room full of Bolton supporters in Buenos Aries, Argentina, kicking every ball with Wanderers against the Grecians.

Matias Foti, founder of Bolton Latinamerica, has developed a strong presence on social media and has recently agreed a tie-up with the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust.

The 23-year-old has assembled a group of more than a dozen Whites fans in Argentina, with more from the surrounding South American countries and whilst nearly 7,000 miles separate him from the UniBol, his passion for the club is indisputable.

“My friends think I am crazy,” he said. “My father is surprised. I speak more about Bolton than River Plate, which is my local club. But many understand me because here in Argentina they love English football and we feel a great connection.

“I recently cancelled a meeting with friends because on Saturday we have a crucial game. They are already used to my fanaticism, my girlfriend too.

“I am completely proud to support Bolton. I have shirts, jackets, gloves, flags and everything I try to show in all the places in my country.

“My wallpaper is the UniBol, I wear the shield on my keychain. I know how big we are and I am proud to carry these colours and crest wherever I am.

“I know the other members are the same. We all wear our shirts when we go on vacation and if someone asks us what club is that? We will proudly answer Bolton Wanderers and tell their story, most of them end up being a fan.”

Conór Floyd, from Belfast, started supporting Bolton in 2005 after a family holiday to Blackpool. His first game was a UEFA Cup tie against Marseilles, after which he has experienced all the highs and lows.

“Being a Bolton Wanderers fan is something that you don’t do for the fun of it, or because it looks cool, it’s a passion,” he said. “I couldn’t be anymore proud of my club, yes we did have a sticky spell a few years back, but with our current new owners, the life is truly back with the team, the fans and I’m sure the town of Bolton!

“I am a proud Bolton supporter, from day one until the last!”

Bjørn L. Olsen from Fauske in Norway also has a unique reason for committing to the Whites.

“My father had a school team they called Bolton,” he said. “He told me this when I was little.

“In the early 1990's I started watching more football on TV and in Norway, there was a match every Saturday, so when I saw Bolton play, I remembered my dad's school team. Therefore, I followed Bolton more and more and found out that this was my team!”

Wanderers' contingent in Scandinavia is strong. Petter Thorvaldsen lives in the small town of Larvik, Norway, and helps to run the official supporters club.

"In 1956 Bolton visited Larvik for a friendly against our local club Larvik Turn, who were one of the best national team in those days," he said. "The result was shocking for Bolton, 3-3.

"I was 10 years old and saw an English team for the first time - there was no telly at that time.

"I was one of the founder of Bolton Wanderers Supporters Club of Norway in 1995 and am still the secretary."

The Norwegian club is also affiliated with the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust and boasts an incredible 145 members.

"When people hear that I support Bolton, they get very interested," says chairman, Eirik Hiim Titland. "As with everywere else in the world it is more normal to be a fan of one of the top five in the Premiership, so I feel I get respected for supporting a team 'no-one else' supports.

"When they ask why I chose Bolton, I answer that I did not. Bolton found me!"

Richard Marsden is currently based over in Thailand, having lived for the past few years in Dubai.

The 56-year-old engineer says he will be more than happy to stay up late to cheer the Whites on to promotion.

“After the last few years we have had, a sore head in the morning will be a small price to pay,” he said. “With everything that has gone on in the world, I have had to change plans a bit to move back to the North West for the time being but I have followed every game with my trusty iPad.

“I’ll be lifting a Singha or two to the Wanderers on Saturday!”

Listen to Ian Evatt thank Bolton fans for their good luck messages this week. Click play below.