FOOTBALL Ventures are working towards releasing their first set of financial accounts by the end of this month.

Wanderers’ parent company, Football Ventures (Whites Limited) have been given a deadline of June 30 to file their figures for 2019-20.

The documents should provide the first real peek behind the curtain, and a chance assess the financial challenges faced by Bolton’s owners since they took the club out of administration in September 2019.

The football club arm of the company, FVWL Football Limited, is likely to be flagged up on Companies House as having overdue accounts from today (June 10).

The Bolton News understands that the current auditing process will cover all three sections of the club with the parent company, Football Ventures (Whites) Ltd, producing group or consolidated accounts.

Many businesses have been operating on extended deadlines because of issues during the pandemic, and that has resulted in the three different arms of the group having three separate deadlines set.

As a result, accounts should be available for Wanderers fans to check by the due date of the parent company, June 30.

No financial information has been made available for supporters since April 2018 when the last set of the soon-to-be-defunct Burnden Leisure Ltd accounts were issued. This was followed by a confirmation statement the following October.