IAN Evatt reckons England stand a chance of glory at Euro 2020 – just so long as they play Jack Grealish!

The Wanderers boss will be willing on Gareth Southgate’s side this weekend with an opening group game against Croatia at Wembley and believes this year’s squad is comparable with anyone else in the tournament.

He also knows first-hand that Aston Villa’s in-form playmaker Jack Grealish could be a difference-maker on the day, and hopes he gets a chance in a crowded England attack.

“I hope he plays Jack Grealish first and foremost because I am a massive fan,” he said.

“Peter Atherton will tell you I have been banging Grealish’s drum for five years now since I played against him when he was a young lad at Aston Villa in a pre-season friendly against Chesterfield and I think my knees are still suffering from that day!

“But I think he has proven over the course of the last couple of years and certainly in the friendlies that he deserves to start.

“It is a difficult job isn’t it to balance the team. We have got an embarrassment of riches but that is what Gareth is paid the money to do.

“We have got as good a chance as anyone, we have got as good a squad as anybody, so fingers crossed we can have some success.”

Harry Maguire returned to training yesterday, and though the Manchester United defender is still a doubt for the opening group game on Sunday, it appears he could feature thereafter.

Evatt believes his presence in the centre of defence will be a big boost during the tournament.

“This is how the game has changed in England,” he said. “We have an unbelievable amount of very talented forward players and midfield players. Growing up as a kid we always had incredible centre backs but at the moment we just seem to have a bit of a shortage there.

“Harry is a huge part of that. He is a person I know well. I played with his brother at Chesterfield, I spent time with him, and he is a fantastic fella first and foremost, but a very good football player and if we can get him in one piece then, obviously, he’s a big bonus for us moving forwards through the tournament.”

Evatt is also unimpressed with the sections of England support who continue to jeer the players as they take a knee before kick-off as an anti-racist gesture.

“I don’t understand the booing and I don’t see what benefit that is to anybody,” he said. “The players and football in general want to stick together on this and really put forward that message and until we start to see real change then long may it continue.”