TWO schoolboys are fast becoming boxing prodigies with their passionate punches.

Koby and his brother Rocco Adamson from Harwood in Bolton are only 11 and eight but are so invested in their boxing dream, they complete circuit training before school everyday and run around four miles three times a week.

With the support of their parents Lindsay Kelly and Lee Adamson the two brothers are training six times a week to reach the heights of one of their idols Amir Khan.

The boys started at the age of five, with Koby starting first in kickboxing, from which he now has a brown belt.

Their mum said: “It first stemmed from the brothers always arguing and fighting so their dad channelled it into something positive and promised them if that’s what you want to do then let’s go for it in a different way.

“And they loved it. If they did not, I wouldn’t let them do it.”

Koby and Rocco do 250 press-ups and sit-ups each as well as sprints as part of circuit training before school and go running three times a week.

Mrs Kelly said: “They are not even out of breath by the end of their runs. They will pass people on their runs who will support them and say they’re doing a good job and say how much they love seeing them running during the week.

“They are known by everybody in Harwood and they’re just so dedicated.

“Their dream is to compete for Great Britain one day in the Olympics.”

Koby and Rocco attend Hardy Mill School in Bolton, who are supportive of the boxing.

The mum said: “There are so many lads these days that hang around on the streets and my boys are the kindest boys you would meet, they don't get involved in bad things.

“They also spar with 13-14-year-olds and train with pro boxers like Michael Gomez Junior and Jumbo Jake as they are better than their age.”

Koby is set to have his first amateur fight before the end of the year, but Rocco will have to wait much longer as he is still too young.

Both brothers look up to Bolton’s Amir Khan as well as Tyson Fury, Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather.

Mrs Kelly said: “I think it’s amazing even if they don’t become famous as long as they are happy and do their best in what they want to do.

"They'd love to meet Amir Khan too, it would mean a lot to them especially as he is from Bolton."

Rocco and Koby train with Marvin Greaves at Oldham’s ABC boxing gym.