WANDERERS have enough attacking clout to get to where they want to be in League One.

Ian Evatt is confident that despite the club’s failure to add to their attacking ranks on deadline day Bolton have enough in their arsenal to challenge at the top end of the division.

Many supporters have expressed their concern at the lack of cover for main frontman Eoin Doyle – but the Bolton boss is confident that once Amadou Bakayoko and Xaxier Amaechi get back to full fitness and Elias Kachunga is also match sharp, there will be no need for concern.

“Baka is a nine. We signed him as a nine and as competition for Eoin Doyle but we are lucky that he is adaptable and can play in different areas of the pitch,” he said of Bakayoko.

“It is the same for Kacha to a certain extent. He has played in the Bundesliga and in the Premier League as a nine, so they can do it.

“But because they are so talented, technically, they are able to move to seven, 11, possibly 10, and that versatility is something that is critical to us.”

Wanderers have only one out-and-out central striker with no obvious prospect currently pushing their way out of the Under-18s.

The Central League side begin their campaign on Tuesday night, facing Accrington Stanley in Hindley, which could give the Bolton boss some more food for thought.

But for now, Evatt believes his side can exist with Doyle in a central role and others filling the gaps in behind.

“The old school, traditional number nine that has to get you 20 goals a season, it is probably moving away from where the game is now,” he said, “It is a shared responsibility. We don’t want to put too much pressure on Eoin, we want goals from all over the team and we have managed to do that do far this season.

“It is the type of team we are – we want to be able to rotate, move, take other players’ positions, have that freedom of movement.

“If you can do that, with the nine centre of the pitch and the seven and 11 staying on the wings, it is easy to defend against, those straight lines. But if you are rotating, adapting, then it becomes a lot, lot harder to defend against. That is the type of team we want to be.”

Evatt remains confident that there is enough in the tank despite not grabbing one final signing in the transfer window.

“We certainly identified a target and worked very hard to make it happen,” he said. “But my pledge to the board and theirs to the general fanbase is that we are not going to overspend or sign people for the sake of it.

“We want to look after our money, be sustainable, and make sure we are doing things smartly.

“If the right players are not available to us, then we are happy with what we have got.

“Just because we did all our work early, you forget what a good window we actually had because we didn’t sign anyone at the end of it.

“We have some fantastically talented players and when everyone is fit and available we have a strong squad.”

Evatt has been especially pleased with the impact made by Kachunga since he arrived at the start of last month.

“Players can be built on reputation but the minute they step on the grass, their ability is judged on the here and now," he said. “No player can live off the fact he has played at a different level, you have to go and earn people’s respect.

“And what Kacha has done from minute one was be a good character, a professional and someone who the young players should take note of. He has earned the players’ trust and respect."