PLAYERS from the Bolton Cricket League clubs gathered at the Holiday Inn in Bolton on Friday for their annual awards night with a host of players and staff celebrating honours.

The roll call of winners after the 20201 season in both the Premiership and Association Division is:


Premiership: 1st XI champions - Horwich RMI, runners-up - Westhoughton; 2nd XI champions - Darcy Lever, runners-up - Westhoughton;

Association: 1st XI champions - Blackrod, runners-up - Eagley; 2nd XI champions - Atherton, runners-up - Kearsley;

Hamer Cup: winners - Westhoughton, runners-up - Horwich RMI;

Birtwistle Cup: winners - Darcy Lever, runners-up - Westhoughton;

ECB T20: winners - Horwich RMI, runners-up - Lostock;

BCL T20: winners - Tonge, runners-up - Westhoughton;

Ken Worrall Memorial Trophy - Eagley.

Individual HONOURS


Batting: 1st XI - Marlon Welcome-Goodman (WE), 2nd XI - Ady Cooper (AB);

Bowling: 1st XI - Richard Dempster (FSC), 2nd XI - Sam Connor (WE);

Catching: 1st XI - Joshua Hill (LL), 2nd XI - Sam Little (HO);

Wicketkeeping: 1st XI - Thomas Senior (WE), 2nd XI - James Cooper (AB);

Highest score: 1st XI - Tom Billington (HO), 2nd XI - Harris Akhtar (AB);

Best bowling in one match: 1st XI - Mustafa Bashir (WA), 2nd XI - Danny Holt (T).


Batting: 1st XI - T De Zoysa (BL), 2nd XI - Grant Cordin (K);

Bowling: 1st XI - Dave Mather (K), 2nd XI - Don Heyes (LL);

Catching: 1st XI - Joseph Pryle (BL), 2nd XI - Owen Ward-Scott (LL);

Wicketkeeping: 1st XI - Matthew Hargraves (AB), 2nd XI - Ellis Pearson (LH);

Highest score: 1st XI - Saif Ur Rehman (AT), 2nd XI - Adam Newton (LH);

Best bowling in one match: 1st XI - Dave Mather (K), 2nd XI - Oliver Tuck (EA).


Fastest 50 (amateur) - Dane Hargreaves (LL);

Most Sixes (amateur) - Chris Barrow (FSC) and SImon Booth (F);

Professional’s Prize - Hashan Dumindu;

Amateur player of the year - Jack Berry (HO);

Most promising young player U16 - Harvey Seigne (EA);

Most promising young scorer - Isabelle Moss (BL);

Hubert Pendlebury Memorial Award: 2019 - M Buckley (B); 2021 - Ray Taylor (B).