WATCHING Marlon Fossey’s high-energy performances in a Wanderers shirt since his arrival from Fulham, you wouldn’t suspect that injury had been such a prohibitive factor in his career.

Football had been a succession of false starts for the Hollywood-born full-back, who found his route into club and international football blocked by lay-offs and surgeries in his formative years.

Mercifully, Fossey’s luck has changed since moving out of the capital on loan and heading for Lancashire in January and, at 23, more than half his total senior career appearances have now been made in a Bolton shirt.

“I would be lying if I said there weren’t days where I’m stuck in bed after games,” he told The Bolton News, reflecting on what had been a hectic February. “I am proud that I have been able to at least be available for every game because, with my history, it has been hard for me to string five or 10 games together.

“Looking back at February in particular, I think I’ve done well to at least keep my body in good nick and be available for selection.”

Fossey had made a good start at Shrewsbury last season, playing under ex-Bolton defender Sam Ricketts, until a knee injury ended his loan early and he had to return to Craven Cottage, and development squad football.

“I think the Shrewsbury and Fulham experience has helped because it helps you to learn your body a lot better,” he explained. “I sort of know what my limits are now.

“I know when I should maybe take a step back when it comes to training. It’s just a bit of a more relaxed approach, trusting my play out there and not doing too many extras which have probably made me break down a couple of times in the past.

“I sort of save my energy for the games. It seems to have worked so far.

“When I am playing football I am at my happiest and I have been fit since I have been here, so everything is going well and long may it continue.”

Wanderers have made their interest in keeping Fossey beyond the summer perfectly clear and Fulham’s current trajectory could well be a decisive factor.

“I don’t know what Fulham are thinking at the moment,” he admitted. “I am sure they are watching me but we have got 10 games to go and we will see after the 10 games.

“We will get to that discussion but right now, I am just trying to help Bolton get as high as they can before my loan agreement is up.

“All I can say is I am enjoying my time here. It has been definitely one of the more high periods of my career and as you guys (the media) know, it is not as easy as what the player wants or what the club wants.

“We will see what happens but I am enjoying my time here and I’m looking forward to the last 10 games.”

Since Wanderers switched systems in January to accommodate Fossey and Co, the wing-back roles have become more important than ever.

Now considered a more ‘sexy’ position than it had been in the past, due chiefly to the emergence of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Reece James, Marcos Alonso and his peers, the extra attacking responsibilities make it more enjoyable to play.

“It’s hard to put my finger on why it’s happened this way but I’m not complaining,” Fossey said of the wing-back resurgence.

“It’s funny because when I got scouted for Fulham as a striker, I manoeuvred towards that right-back position and when I initially went there I was angry because I didn’t get to attack!

“But over the years you get to attack more and more and being a right wing-back, you get to attack a hell of a lot and still get to defend as well so it’s the best of both worlds.”