LOSTOCK AC’s Tony Marlow competed in gruelling back-to-back events last weekend and came through with flying colours.

FIrst up he was part of a 10-strong team of Lostockers who travelled to the picturesque village of Haworth in Yorkshire on Saturday for the much-loved Howarth Hobble Ultra race.

The event sees competitors navigate their way around 31.7 miles - over Bronte Bridge, the Limestone stone trail, through Todmorden, up Stoodley Pike before passing by Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall and eventually hitting the home straight to Leeshawe reservoir and back to Haworth.

Albert Sunter, running as a pair with Abigail Sunter, and Mike Ernill and Kerry Jackson, running as the club’s second pair, entered, while Marlow, Josie Greenhalgh, Tom Grundy, Samantha Sale, Mark Sammon, Lurdes Corlett and Mark Shuttleworth all ran as solo entries.

Just less than 400 competitors descended on the village and just before 8am, they made their way to the cobbled main street, each knowing the cruel uphill start that awaited them.

Right on queue the heavens opened and the rain came but not even that could dampen the spirits of the huge contingent of runners or marshals as cowbells rang out to wish competitors well on their way.

Grundy took the club lead early on with Sunter and Sunter following, Greenhalgh just behind getting into her stride.

Sale and Marlow followed, making a good start, with Corlett not far behind. Hot in pursuit were Sammon, pair Ernill and Jackson, and Shuttleworth.

Six miles in injury took a Lostocker out as Jackson took an unfortunate tumble and retired at checkpoint one leaving partner Ernill to go it alone.

At checkpoint two, the weather decided to be kind and runners were treated to glorious conditions of sunshine and blue sky.

From here runners were well into their pace and through the next two checkpoints Greenhalgh, Marlow and Sale moved their way up the field.

On the turn up to Stoodley Pike, Greenhalgh took a tumble, but she was unhurt and okay to continue.

Greenhalgh spotted fellow club-mate Grundy on the turn for home, and made a valiant attempt to catch him but trailed by just 17 seconds.

Grundy finished in 5hrs 52mins, with Greenhalgh clocking 5:52:17.

Hot on their heels was Marlow (5:58:00) with Sale (6:08:00) on her first ultra following him.

Next to finish was Shuttleworth (6:58:00) with pair Sunter and Sunter not far behind.

Sammon (7:21:00) and Ernill (7:26:00) were next across the line, with Lurdes - also on her first ultra - finishing in a respectable 8:13:00.

As if taking third club position in the Howarth Hobble was not enough, the next day Marlow took part in the Firefighter 2 UP Duathlon in Rivington, partnering with club-mate James Jackson.

If the 25-mile bike race is not tough enough, there is a four-mile trail race before and after to contend with - just what you need after a 31-mile race the day before!

Marlow, aptly nicknamed the Green Machine, and Jackson finished in a brilliant time of 5:43:00.

Other Lostock club members also competing in the Firefighters Duathlon were Andy Laycock and Paul Lacey, who finished in an amazing 2:39:00 and 2:45:00 respectively.

Elsewhere, five Lostocker’s took on the Roddlesworth Roller - 9km of rolling trails in blustery conditions.

Janet Rhodes was the first Lostock member over the line in a fantastic 48:12, closely followed by Ian Johnson in 48:46.

Next home was Rachel Hancock (50:35), Rachel Stevens (55:15) and Stephen Hancock (57:07).