WELCOME back to another episode of The Buff - and yes we know it is a little bit late!

Marc arrived back off his holiday and fired up the mic for a special podcast looking at the draws against Portsmouth and Wigan Athletic, and the mounting injury list facing Ian Evatt's side as they prepare to host Sheffield Wednesday.

With play-off chances pretty much nullified, the Whites have five games to limp through before the summer break but have recent performances highlighted where they must strengthen for next season?

It has been a busy week on the Bolton News sportsdesk - and we debate the punishment handed out to Dion Charles for his tweet misdemeanours as a teenager, plus we discuss some of the more unsavoury moments which surfaced during and after last weekend's local derby at the DW Stadium.

On a happier note, we bring back Lloyd Quizgrove, read out some of your emails - including a debate on the most under-rated Wanderers, and there is a special song from the Buff's Bard, Simon Woods, in tribute to the day John McGinlay went in goal against Reading.

And remember, it isn't just a podcast, it's The Buff Podcast. And we're here every Friday.

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