WELCOME back for another episode of The Buff – and this time we’ve got an episode of two halves!

In part one, we are joined by Chris Mann, the creator of the Burnden Aces and BWFC Stats Twitter accounts and a Wanderers fan who knows exactly when to send Paddy McCarthy a Moonpig card.

We scour the week’s headlines, from Ricardo Santos’s new contract and the appointments at the academy to The Bolton News’s in-depth chat with Bruce Rioch, 30 years after he was appointed at Burnden Park.

Chris undertakes the Wanderers Mastermind challenge – his chosen subject being Wanderers’ Premier League years.

And then we shift gear for the second half of the show, where Emily Parker and Angela Abbott are our special guests, chatting about the work of #HerGameToo, how Wanderers can help bring in more female fans and whether there is any hope of a senior women’s team returning to the University of Bolton Stadium.

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