HE may be 80 years of age, but golfer Euan Bowie proved he can still be a hero under pressure.

The octogenarian has just pulled off what he ranks as his greatest golf achievement by scoring below his age with a gross 79 round.

Bowie has been a member of Bolton Golf Club, Lostock Park for more than 55 years.

When he first became a member it only cost £35 a year membership, the club professional was not allowed in the clubhouse and parts of the course were rented out to a local farmer to graze cattle on.

Over this time, he has had many golfing achievements including two holes in one.

But he considers this score to rank highest of the lot.

He said: “I have loved golf for most of my life and enjoyed making so many golfing friends.

“I have played so many rounds at Bolton and other clubs and am still representing the club in the seniors team.

“I have achieved a lot but this has to be the best and one I had thought would have been beyond me.

“I think I am probably one of the lowest handicap golfers for my age, playing off 13.”

Bolton Golf Club captain Andrew Dickson said: “We are all really pleased for Euan and very proud to have him as a member for all this time.

“It is a fantastic achievement and one which we should all be aiming for.

“It just shows you are never too old to break records.”