Ever get the feeling that you have seen it all before?

We talk timewasting on this week's Buff Podcast, as a farcical game against Cheltenham disappears in the rear view mirror and Ian Evatt hurtles towards a promotion six-pointer with Peterborough United.

We talk buses, and the possibility that club services could be shelved next season.

Marc and Henry discuss what might appear on Wanderers TV, and who exactly has the remote control.

The search for James Trafford's replacement has begun but we're still worried about what might happen if he gets an injury between now and May. And talking of injuries - the squad for Peterborough is looking thinner than the press room soup in Ken A*******'s days.

Wanderers play their 5,000th game this weekend and we talk about the prospect of a Ricardo Gardner testimonial and whether it could ever materialise?

Of course we bring all your emails and make some predictions for this week's round of action, which also includes a home game against MK Dons.

And to top it all off, musical maestro Simon Woods has penned another top tune. 

This season we’ll be running a special Fantasy Football League for listeners of The Buff – and will be dishing out monthly prizes, plus recruiting some special guests to play against from the world of Wanderers.

If you’d like to join - and it is never too late - follow the link below, pick your team and enter the league code.


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