THERE is a space on Aaron Morley’s upper arm that is crying out to be filled with the words: Wembley winner!

The midfielder, whose goal put the icing on the cake in a famous semi-final victory at Accrington Stanley, has always wanted to play on the hallowed turf.

He was denied the opportunity as a teenager when Rochdale went to play Tottenham in the FA Cup – but still managed to get a couple of selfies from the stands.

And last summer he decided to get a more permanent reminder of Wembley, adding it to his eclectic collection of tattoos.

“I’d thought about getting called up for England one day, it will just be a dream to play there,” he told The Bolton News. “So, if we win, I think I’ll get something above it.

“But I will say I got it last summer, before the Papa Johns started. I didn’t get it just for the semi-final!”

Morley has made big strides at Bolton in the last 12 months, earning praise from his manager Ian Evatt for developing the defensive and physical side of his game since signing from Rochdale.

Beating Stanley in front of the TV cameras was one of the highlights of the 23-year-old’s football career to date, and with the nation’s eyes on Wanderers once again, he is happy to take centre stage if called upon.

“Nothing has beaten that – the way it came, with the red card and then them sitting really deep until the last 10 minutes, to get the goal at the end, it was very special,” he said.

“Now it is all about winning it. I’ve got about 25 family and friends going down there on the day, so hopefully we can make it a memorable day and bring the trophy back here.”

Morley scored a spectacular free kick in a televised game at Charlton in January, so faced with the possibility of a last-minute set piece with the scores level, would he pass on the responsibility to someone else?

“No chance!” he said. “I’ve got to back myself, I’m taking it. People keep telling me I keep my goals for the cameras, so hopefully I have got one for that day too.”