More than 1,000 towels will be put out of commission in the EFL this weekend after the league made it illegal to dry a ball during a football game.

Queues at Barnsley Dunelm's customer services have been described as "lengthy" and many hand-dryers in football stadia toilets around the country are now concerned for their own future.

Here at The Buff we examine this breaking story with our usual detail and reverence, partly because there has been very little going on at Bolton Wanderers.

Yes, Henry may be away on his travels, but Marc has drafted in a new guest co-host to go through the big headlines of the week including a new shirt sponsor, a Premier League friendly and a two-year deal for Josh Sheehan.

We also go through the Wanderers squad, position by position, and assess exactly where Ian Evatt will be spending his budget this summer. No rush though, Ian, we have a podcast to fill next week.



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